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Alexander Karp - September 14, 1995


Alexander Karp was born in Nyirmada, Hungary and grew up in Kisvarda, Hungary. When the Germans invaded Hungary, Alexander and his family were forced into the Kisvarda ghetto. After two months in the ghetto, he was transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau and then to a camp in France to do forced labor. From there he was moved to Kochendorf and then Dachau. Alexander was liberated in Mittenwald while on a death march from Dachau. After liberation Alexander returned to Hungary before moving to Canada and then to the United States.

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  1. Life Before the War in Baktalórántháza
  2. Religious Life
  3. Family
  4. Contact with Non-Jews Before the War
  5. Politics
  6. Political Changes in the 1930s
  7. Political Discussions at Home
  8. Extended Family
  9. Ghetto in Kisvarda
  10. Conditions in the Ghetto
  11. Transport to Birkenau
  12. Shavuot
  13. Arriving at Birkenau
  14. Conditions in Birkenau
  15. Work Assignment
  16. Kapo's Assistant
  17. Incidents Thiel
  18. Underground Airplane Factory in Kochendorf
  19. Picking Apples
  20. Cyclone Fence
  21. Executions in Kochedorf
  22. Trying to Get Extra Food
  23. Deteriorating Conditions in Kochendorf
  24. Evacuation from Kochendorf
  25. Dachau
  26. Liberation
  27. Travels Home
  28. Reunion with Father
  29. Interaction with Non-Jews after the War
  30. Reaction to Experience

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