Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Alexander Karp - September 14, 1995


You mentioned earlier that you, uh, observed the holiday, the Shavuot holiday. You were telling me there was, last year there was a particular, particularly significant commemoration. Could you tell me that story again about the Shavuot last year, the fiftieth anniversary.

Um, it was in '94, but it was commemorating actually the fiftieth anniversary of taken from the ghetto and shipped to Germany. Um, it, it was very emotional because, just somehow, took me back to the minute, fifty years, to the day, to the hour, and to the minute. I was in the synagogue and I related the timing to, to the time in Europe, a six hour difference. And it just came to my mind that at eleven-thirty here in the U.S., I was in the synagogue, to the to the minute fifty years ago at that time, what it was five-thirty in Kisvarda, the way that whole train rolled out. And it has changed my life, it has changed the lives of so many forever.

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