Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984


And they were working uh, all the uh, in laboratory, the, the veterinarian and this here. And beside it they had a, they had a ranch, you know, like farm, they were working people. And I had all the people, you know, I had. So I, I, there wasn't so many people talking German like the first place. So I was the connection between the, both the director and the... So really the people were so respecting me, you know. Was very nice, everything, I was eating in a canteen, I had a nice room. And next to me was living a nice young woman who was a nurse, a registered nurse. And there was a, also doctor working there. They had a, this, in the house was the office, a doctor's office for the people, you know. And this lady, this uh, this nurse, we became very good friends. And she lives now in Poland and I send her packages. But she's already paralyzed almost, arthritis. You know, she got married later. And her father, she introduced me to her, I met her father. And her, her father is the one what helped me, you know. He never told her children about that, you know. Because he said, one person should know, not more. Because when more know, it's no good. My children shouldn't know. I want to help you. And he was the one what I would like to put in the--how you call this, the Righte...

Righteous Gentile, yeah.

That's right, because he deserved it. So I was there, and uh, you know, was everything all right, you know. My sister-in-law came to visit me with her children. But later they start, I once by, by, you know, I saw ghetto burning from there, you know, and I saw the, the uh, uh, and I met the Polish people and I was, and I....

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