Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984

Friends II

...and they were burning, and this was, this man was told that... I liked him, he was a nice man, he was so elegant, so, you know, and I never would think he was big intelligentsia, you know. And he was happy about it. And he, and he, after he told me that, he kissed my hand because I came just for something. Kissed my hand, I was still so nice, I said, yes. But I was so, so shocked when he told me, I was in his house that I sat down and I said to him, you know, I don't know, those are people, those are people, they are human beings. This is not right. They should put them some place in some place where they can live, doing themself whatever they want. But not kill like this. He said, no, that's... we waited for it. So I said, well, I don't know, I, I, I really have nothing to do with Jews, never, I knew them, you know. I couldn't stand anymore, I had to sit down. And I got up, I said, I have to go, goodbye. And he kissed my hand and "come again." I never saw him since then. He was baking bread, he was the, the housekeeper's husband, and he was baking bread, you know, was delicious, my son liked it. I was ??? bread. But I met in a, when I was going home from work in the park, there was a big park, it was beautiful there. I met another man who was stand--who was saying, look what is going on. God, he said, it's time already that something happened to those bestial German, you know. He was plain worker. And I would, when I could I just hugged him, you know. And later when I came home, the girl, the nurse was standing in the corridor and looking. And she was still swollen eyes from crying. And I said, ??? what is it? She said, what do you mean, what is it? Killing people. What this doing? She was broken-hearted, I was sitting all night by her, because she was sick all night, you know. But she never knew that I was Jewish, I wouldn't tell nobody. So I want to say there was, that not all the people were bad, you know. There were nice people also, you know, that's what I want to say.

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