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Larry Wayne - 2005


Well, you know, I'm getting the feeling that you're giving less than one percent of what you remember.

Well, you, you know, we would have to sit here a whole week to give you more, you know, the thing...uh, I don't know how much to tell you, I'd like to tell you little by little, you know. Uh, I wish I had, I would like to make another appointment with you and get some of these things maybe together and show them to you and then we can talk about them, you know.

Well that's what we, we can do a video tape, we can go back.

I want to go over, like in my memoirs it tells, you... You know these, the one thing nice--nice, it can't be nice--but these memoirs, they were written in 1945.

That's very unusual.

That's what I say. Like all these memoirs that you see now are written twenty, thirty, forty years later.


And this was written right...

Where were you when you wrote them?

In Bad Nauheim.

In Bad Nauheim, with the help of.

August 1945, it tells you right there when it was.

Wow. And you didn't write it in Yiddish?

No, English.

In English.

I was sitting with this guy, Sergeant ???, you know, the American soldier. At the end it says this is Sergeant ???, you know.

Was Sergeant ??? Jewish?


So he had a feeling for what...

Oh sure. It tells in 1946, there's a knock on his door, that's, you know, that's a, an addendum, you know. And who opens up, who is over there, and it's Larry Wayne standing there, you know. Because when, when he had that memoir, then he added this to it.

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