Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Going back to Łódź

You never went back to Łódź.

Never went back to Poland, never went back there. I want to go, but my, like I say...

Ruth went...

Ruth went a couple times.

But she wound up in an orphanage after the...

Oh no, Ruth just went back to Poland. I don't know whether she was liberated in Poland.


But she went back to Łódź.

Did Jack go back to Łódź?

One time. No.


My sister went back to Poland, you know, after the war.

I know he and Joanna...

And she couldn't find the cemetery, you know, but this, this stranger found it for me.

That's a recent picture.

A few years, five years old.

I know Jack and Joanna went...

A couple years ago.

...with two other friends. A couple years ago.

When you say I'm giving you one percent, I'd like to transfer everything to, to the microphone, but I don't know what, how much to say it, how much to tell you. I could start telling you and sit here day and night, day and night...

I know.

...if we go by happening, happening, happening.

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