Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Sharing with children

...better than I. Did you ever tell your children about all this?

Yeah, every one of our children has my memoirs.

But you never sat down and just talked to them?

Not a discussion. They know about everything, you know.

They do. Any members of CHAIM, did they join the...

My daughter's very active in CHAIM.

What's her name?

Brenda, Brenda Wayne, or Brenda Barrett.

Sure. I was on their board for a long, long.

Yeah, Brenda Barrett was on the board for years. Then I had lunch, lunch with uh, as a matter of fact, they told me they were going to organize a meeting between you and me. Uh, David, uh...



David Alrich.

David Alrich and who's the other guy?


Charles. And my daughter Brenda and I at the Jewish Center we had a meeting one time, a year ago. They wanted to get you and me together.

Well, so here we are.

Yeah, but I mean, you know. And then my nephew uh, Bernie, so you know, because I was supposed to have it a few times, but always something happens, you know, that uh, interfered.

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