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Larry Wayne - 2005


And Ruth wanted to set up her own...

Her own thing and then we moved on Rochester--you know, that is, this is in connection. When, when I give you my, uh, I collect here, I wish I had it here, whenever you want something I should have prepared it. Uh, I have so much thing going, you know. When we lived, me and my brother Jack lived in one place, my sister Ruth lived with somebody else, you know. And uh, uh, as an addition to my memoirs, part of these were written by Joel Jacobs and he added it to my memoirs.

Joel Jacobs, from the Bottle?

Yeah, from the Bottle Company, yeah. Well, he used to date pretty heavy my daughter at one time. My daughter Brenda. They almost were getting married actually. They were very close. And he was, he was always a doer, and thing, you know. So when he got this he made me copies and then he added. But I had this book and it tells about the night that, descent and whatever--how do you call the thing, you know--at that time how the community was, was disorganized, didn't know what to do and, uh... Yeah, I had that book, but I must have given it to my son to read or something. It has pictures of me and uh, and my brother and my sister Ruth.


But it was not on a boat.

I could have...

Might have looked maybe because the hair was blowing or something. No, it wasn't.

I'll have to, I mean you would know...


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