Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Moving to Detroit

In Detroit?

In Detroit. Yeah, I was only two weeks in, in, in New York and they had interviews, I've told you about that organization uh, the United States Committee of Care of European Children. They had an office in New York and that's where you went through the interviews, you know. You know who was also with us on that same thing is, is uh, Mickey...


Milberger. He was together with us in the same thing.

Did you have family in Detroit?

No, I had nobody.

Just the doctor.

Nobody, no friend, the doctor. But at that time they were interviewing us, they didn't want to keep any refugees in New York, they wanted them to send them all over, you know. So an interview came with, where would I want to go. And I, well, I don't know, I'd like to go to a city similar to my background, which is what, a large industrial city, large Jewish population and a city college. And somebody come up, Detroit fits all these things. So I came to Detroit.

And the three of you agreed Detroit.

Yeah, well they were babies. You know, it was different at that time, I was the head of the family.

There's a picture of the three of you on a boat.

On a boat?

Coming here.

I never saw a picture in a boat.

It's in a book that I wrote on the Jews of Detroit. You and Ruth and Jack, wind is blowing and there you are.

I have the book on Detroit, but, uh...

On my way down I'll show you the picture. It's called Harmony and Dissonance is the name of the book.

I think I have

[long pause] This is one of the Łódź...

Yeah, I meant to bring that actually, and I forgot to bring it.

But I have pictures of, of the early settlers in Detroit. Maybe it was you that wrote, wrote it.

No, I wrote the one from 1914 to 1967.

Yeah, well that would be it.

And, you and...

Yeah, my brother Jack and, uh... We have pic...but not a boat that was taken here. It wasn't on a boat.

It looks--I think it's as you come, you were sailing.

I don't think it was on a boat because I, I saw these pictures. I had the book.

Okay, I'll...

It was written, it was written, it told them the way I lived.


It was written about me that I lived with a family so and so.

Yeah, I have to make a new correction myself.

You know, that I lived in uh, with the, with the Bookalters, you know, and so, on Stutterman, and uh...

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