Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Reunion with sister

So your name was on a list somewhere as a survivor. J.O.I.N.T.

Well, like my, my sister, for instance, said that she knew one of us is alive. They told her one of us--there were no lists. It's, uh...

But the J.O.I.N.T--didn't the J.O.I.N.T. make up...

No, at the time there was a nothing. There was no J.O.I.N.T., there was nothing at that time, you know. It was uh, how do they say it uh, word of mouth.

Word of mouth. So it was just word of mouth.

Yeah, word of mouth.

And where was she...

Oh she...

...when she heard about this?


But where was she, where did she go?

She went to Stuttgart. You, in that interview that she went to Stuttgart. And then she was in an orphanage in Poland.

In Łódź.

In Łódź.


And then from then she, they smuggled her out, you know, to Czechoslovakia, whatever it is, and then went to Munich. And then she traveled around, she, she heard that one of us is alive. She didn't know which one, they didn't know which one it was, me or Jack. And when she came to the, when she came to uh, to the Jewish DP camp in Frankfurt, Zeilsheim. It was one of the biggest DP camps in, in Germany. And it was a Friday night, like, you know. And she comes in and, she sees ??? see that girl, and she's crying, you know. This girl says, "What are you crying?" I tell you in Łódź, etc., and I uh, "I heard one of my brothers is alive," you know, and "I don't know which one it is" and, and uh, "live in Bad Nauheim or something." She, "what their name?" She tells them "Lubka". "Lubka Weintraub is my boyfriend." It was my girlfriend. So right away she ??? she manipulated, got a car, brought it into Bad Nauheim. No, then she tells her, "It's not one of them alive, two of them are alive."

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