Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Life after liberation

After the war... How did you find your brother after the war?

I didn't, they found me.

And where were you?

I was in Bad Nauheim, Germany. That's, that's south of Frankfurt. Frankfurt-am-Main.

Yeah. Who sent you to Bad Nauheim?

Well, I did.

You just got on a train.

Well, no, after the war I was liberated by the American forces.


So I became like an American soldier because they took, took very good care of me. There were a few Jewish doctors. I know it's not part of interview the but I was a bridge player from the youngest days of my life and I hear an announcement over the loudspeaker, we need a bridge player. And, and I was just recuperating from typhoid fever. I was already recup...you know. And I joined the game and since then everything, sky was the limit for me, everything. That's one reason that I came to Detroit, because uh, one of the doctors was here from Detroit. He passed away just last year. Moved to California, but he was wonderful to me. So we didn't... I came to Detroit over here. But uh, uh, at that time I, I, I was like one of them. When the Russians came in they took me to, into the streets to translate for them, to talk to the Russians, you know, etc. And then this medical battalion disbanded and went to Giessen, Germany. And then from Giessen they went back to the United States. So I knew there was a large community, Jewish community in Frankfurt, Frankfurt-am-Main. So I went over there. And then I saw, over there I found a couple of my friends, of Łódź, living in Bad Nauheim. So from there I went to Bad Nauheim. I settled in Bad Nauheim, it was beautiful. And then over there my brother and my sister found me. I had a beautiful apartment in Bad Nauheim. I still remember. ???. Still remember.

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