Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Reunion with brother

Boy, that must have been some reunion. Do you remember?


Do you remember?

Sure. I brought her in, you know, there's my, my brother didn't know it. ??? look who I got over here.

And where was he when...

He was in the room.

But I mean after you left Flossenburg you went...

No he was, like uh, near, near Dachau, somewhere.

And then he, he found out.

He found about me and he came to see me. I was the one waiting for one place waiting for him to come. Well, I should have been the one that's looking for everybody.

Did you think you were going to live and die in Bad Nauheim, the three of you?

Well, that's where we lived. They wanted to go, they, they didn't want to leave Germany.

They wanted to stay in Germany. So whose idea was it to come to...

Mine. Once, you know, once I uh, uh, uh, decided, you know, I had a choice at that time and I have to be very fortunate people that had choices. I did a lot of work for the UNRRA and for the J.O.I.N.T...

[interruption in interview]

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