Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Legacy of Holocaust

You've been to the museum in Washington.


Did you go through the boxcar?

Well, I went through the, to the whole thing, you know.

But you have to walk through the...

Yeah, but you know what, all these things that are being built, being built for the next generation, for the children, everybody else. The guys that went through it are, they know it. They know it. All that it, all it does is brings back very, very bad memories.


Like I say, never forget, you know, which I say. But, but the only part also, you know, which is very tough, when I see a lot of survivors still live, like, the same life they lead. Not that they never forget, but they, they, everyday, everyday it's a part of their life all the time, not to...You gotta go on, you have family, you have children, you know. You try to make the best life. Not, don't let them forget that what happened, because if you don't learn history it's bound to repeat. I think famous Santana said it.

Santa Ana, yeah. Have you ever told... Well, you said you gave an interview to a student, right?

Yeah, I got it, I got it there. If you give me a minute I'll find it. It's right there.

So did you talk about this when you...

Well it wasn't that deep.

Well, what...

There wasn't that much time in it, you know, when I talked to him.

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