Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005


And what about siblings? How many siblings did you have?

I had uh, two, two sisters and uh, three... We were, actually we were a family of four, but my mother adopted two children from, from, from a sister. A boy and a girl lived... We ourselves had three boys and one, one sister.

And what were the names of the...

Well my uh, my name was Eliezer Itzimiah and my brother Jack is--let him be well, is still alive, he's here in the United States. Uh, Jack Wayne, you know him. And my sister--let her rest in peace--died about four or five years ago. And the two adopted children died during the war in the camps, including my mother. My father died before--a year before the war at age thirty-nine.

Your sister was Ruth.

Ruth, Ruth.

And was the, one of the step-sisters, was her name Fella?

Fella, Fella and Schlomic.

So you had six children--seven?

Six children.

Six children in the same house.

In the same house.

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