Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005


Okay, could you tell me your name please?

Yeah, my name is Larry Wayne.

And were you born with that name?

No, my name used to be Weintraub. Uh, actually my uh, Yiddish name was uh, Eliezer, Eliezer Weintraub, or uh, they called me uh, Lubka in Polish, in Poland, or in Jewish instead of Yiddish called me Loser, Laser.

And where were you born?

I was born in Łódź, Poland in 1923. Uh...

Tell me something about what you remember in Łódź before the war.

Well uh, and uh, in my young years I was growing--in the beginning I was going to a cheder, it was a wonderful life, ghetto life kind of, you know, my parents had a bakery. So we never suffered really hunger. We suffered a lot of hate from, from the Polish people, but otherwise uh, it was a normal life. Up to ten years old I, I didn't speak in many Polish because we're so involved only speaking Yiddish and living among uh, Jews.

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