Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Rose Wagner - August 14, 2002

Pre-War Memories


Before the war we were home. Every year we went to a resort. It was the most wonderful time and money--you know, a lot of people say they were rich, you know. And I, I never thought about, you know, people did they know us. There was not a holiday that I should not go into a dressmaker and make new clothes for one and buy new shoes. And the kids in the building, friends of mine, they were jealous. In fact, I still have a friend from Łódź, a very close friend, that when I'm with her we talk about it. She said, "You were so lucky, you." I went to school I always took lunch for somebody. Everyday I took a bun, a roll you know, with cheese. You know, you bring for, put--in a basket for children that they, that they were poor. There were plenty of poor people in the old country.

Jewish children.

Oh yeah.

All your friends were Jewish.

Even for Gentile. There were a few Gentiles too in school, you know. So and I knew that we are quite well off. And we had--my father had so many wonderful friends, because he was in the business, you know. I had an aunt, a lawyer. So...

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