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Rose Wagner - August 14, 2002

Returning to Europe

Have you been back to Europe?

To Europe?

To Poland?

Back home?

Yeah. Have you ever gone back? Czechoslovakia?

I should have. I should have. Cindy asked me but I was. See, we go to Florida for four months, four or five months.

So you haven't been back to Europe...


...since you left.

Cindy asked me to go a few years ago and I'm very sorry I said no, very sorry.

There's nothing there.

Yeah. To go and see Auschwitz with the kids.

Yeah, well.

The grandchildren. I think maybe we I should talk with my kids.

How old are the grandchildren?

The oldest is nineteen.


The youngest one is seven.

Seven's a little young.

My daughter has four, the doctor and Renee has two and my son has three.

Well I was supposed to go this summer and I didn't go and I'm going to go next-- probably next year.

You're busy.

No, I have...

You have, you have children?

My children are grown. They're both, one is a violinist and one is a cellist.

Yeah, Lou told me about it. That's right. Isn't that nice?

Yeah, they're relatively successful in what they're doing. No grandchildren yet. My daughter's been married for a year, in--just about a year.

Well, they're still young.

Yeah, they have time.

They have time.

But I'm giving up on my son. He's twenty-nine. Uh, let me see, is there anything else you want to add to the tape? Something you want to say that you think is important or not? Let me ask you another--why haven't you...

I remember things before the war.

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