Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Rose Wagner - August 14, 2002

Death of Mother

You didn't tell me much about your mother. What was your mother like?

My mother, she was a wonderful woman. My mother was always sick. Problem with her stomach. Go to Warsaw to a professor and they somehow. She didn't have surgery before the war and in the ghetto she had surgery.

And she died of it.

And she died of it, yeah. Because there was no medication, there was not the right food.

I still--so there were, you were two children without parents within, what, six months of each other they died--a year?

My parents had died, it was nine months. I have it written, I don't remember exactly but I have it written. My mom passed away...

But that must been very difficult, I mean not having...

Very difficult.

You said you had an uncle.

My sister took care of me.

And you had an uncle.

Had an uncle came, you know.

But just did you live alone? Did you live in the same, same place?

In the same place with my sister in the ghetto, yeah.

Just the two of you in...

Yeah, we left everything, we didn't take a picture, we left everything. We walked out from the house, we took the diamond and that's it.

The diamond, did you take the diamond from the oven as well?


That was, put that in the bag and...

That's what, in fact, we threw it in...

And, and the diamond wound up in the barrel.

In the barrel. Some people swallowed it. I don't know. And they put it in between where, I don't know.


Who knows. You know, some people but, who, who was thinking of it? Who cared.

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