Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Alexander Raab - June 28, 2002


And where did you wind up?

In Israel.

Where, where in Israel?

I used to live in a city in the name Ramla.

In Ram?


Oh, Ramla.

Everybody mistakes it. Ramla, this is next to Lot Airport. You know, the airport is Lot.

How long were you there?


You fought--did you fight in the war?

Yes, in 1956 I was in the Sinai. I was, as a fact I was in Gaza in 1956.

And did you meet your wife there?

Yes, I met my wife. She came, she came with uh, in 1957 she came with the Aliyah from Poland. You know, after Gomulka...


the leader you know, he basically, he, he, he got rid of the Jews.

From Poland.

From Poland, yeah. So she came to us. And uh, we met. I was already uh, done, discharged from the Army. And uh, we stayed, got married over there. In 1962, I arrived to Detroit.

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