Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Alexander Raab - June 28, 2002

Interned by British

Did they let you through?

No. They uh, they captured the ship. There was a, there was a little fight. But of course you, you, you couldn't fight the British Navy in those days. And uh, they took us to Haifa and over there we were transferred on the British warships. And actually our ship was disabled. We disabled that ship, the, the, the, the leaders disabled that ship. So they took it under tow. They towed it into Haifa port.

The British did.

The British, yeah. And then they transferred us to British warships and took us to Cyprus.

So more barbed wire.

Yep. Yeah. And I uh, we stayed in Cyprus close to two years, two years. And uh, in 1948 when the State was created uh, right away they started to release those uh, detainees or whatever. And uh, I arrived to Israel in 1949, beginning of--in January of 1949, the second time. Because the first time was in nineteen...I think I was--in 1947.

When that happened.

When the, when the British captured us and took us.

So now they took you again.


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