Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Alexander Raab - June 28, 2002

Immigration to America

What made you come here?

My cousin. You see, this cousin that we went through the war together, when, when we left to Palestine--to, and to Cyprus, they stayed in Austria and they had a uncle in here in Detroit, which uh, he brought him over here. And then uh, he brought me over here with my wife--my cousin. He was already here. As a fact, he served in the American Army in Korea.

Also a survivor, your cousin.

Yeah, yeah.

They took him into the American Army and sent him to Korea.

Yeah, he came over here, yeah, and they drafted him into the army.

What did you did you do when you came to the states?

When I came to here? I worked. I worked.

And you knew English a little?

No I didn't. Very little. Uh, we took some classes. I went to Manford High School.

Where did you learn ???.

Uh, we started in, in uh, Detroit, Livernois and Puritan area, on Turner street.

In Oak Park?

I never lived in Oak Park.

You skipped Oak Park.

Yeah. I lived uh, in Southfield. And then we moved over here.

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