Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Michael Opas - [n.d.]

Going Back to Germany

Okay, you went, but you left Poland after you saw--found your sister.

Yeah, and I went back to Germany.

You went back to--did you go to Landsberg again?

To Landsberg, but I didn't stay in Landsberg. Then I, I went to Stuttgart.


Landsberg was, was a temporary camp--a DP camp. So I went--I met people in--I met people, I met people who I went--traveled together with from Poland back to Germany.


And they lived in Stuttgart. So they advised me to go back, because Stuttgart was a nicer, a nicer place. Was--they were older--the DP camp, but it was regular apartments, not barracks.


It was--they, a wh...one, one part of the city--about five or six streets--they had to leave. The Germans had to leave. The Americans gave them, gave them an order within twenty-four hours to leave. They left all the furniture with beautiful a...furnished apartments for us. So naturally I, I prepared to stay in Stuttgart. I got a nice apartment. So we lived--I lived in Stuttgart 'til I, 'til I came--'til I was ready to go to States.

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