Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Michael Opas - [n.d.]

Life in Stuttgart

How did you decide--what did you do in Stuttgart for the time? How long was that before you came to the States?

Oh about--I came, I came, I came to Stuttgart in 19...in 1945--the end of 1945, and I, and I--in the--to the States I came in 1949. About uh, four years.

What did you do in Stuttgart for the four years?

Well, I worked for the, for the UNRRA.


Yeah, I worked there.

Doing what?

Office work. Yeah, they were, they were needed. In the beginning I was a volunteer but it--they finally--they figured if I work I had to have some spending money. So they, they paid me a little. Not too much, but I--we didn't need much.

How was your health during this period?

Oh, it was okay.

You were getting better and better?

Yeah, I got to feel better. Yeah, in Stuttgart I really recuperated.

And your legs got better and you could walk better.

Yeah. No, I didn't--my swe...my legs didn't swell up anymore.

How was the relationship between you and the re...and, and German people after the war? How were the people getting along with one another?

Well, the German people were nice. Matter of fact, I, I, I didn't stay in the, in the DP Camp in Stuttgart. I lived with--in privately in the city with a German family.


They were very nice to me.

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