Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Auschwitz--Sexual Relations

I tell you something...see, I'm telling you about me now. I had sexual relations with woman's, I went to the, the woman's camp, you know. It was a German, a German, she was...she was brought up in Germany in a woman's camp. She had a black... a black ??? sabotage.

But non-Jewish?

Yeah. I asked her one time, she said, "Oh, she hate...she hate SS."

How did you go? How did you arrange this?

I left somebody at camp in my place. I had a Czech...Czechoslovakian. He helped me go there. You know, he... he got me to go to the... He got me out, you know, check in, check out, you know.

The Czechoslovakian SS guard, he would take you?

Yeah. He used to...he used to tell me, "You want to go to see the lady, the Fraulein?" I'd say, "Yeah." But I had some friends there, too.

So you would have sex...sexual relations...

Yeah, sex yeah..

...in the, in the barracks?

Yeah, you risk... you risk your balls, you know, but you...


But you don't... you don't think about nothing. You have nothing what to worry. What you worried to doing? You, you say, I'm, I'm living today, I don't know in a minute what could be. You live only in the minute.

So, this was in the barracks, right in the barracks, in the women's barracks?

Yeah, the women's camp.

Would you hide, the two of you? Would you hide together?

Yeah. Yeah, the basement they had a little like storage room.

Where they stored clothes?

I used to bring her like a kielbasa, you know. I used to take her... hide it... I used to hide it, put it here, tie it up... or here.

Was this the woman who gave you the cigarette box?


That's a different woman.

No, this was a Jewish woman. This was a different person. No, this was a different camp. This was Birkenau, a woman's camp. This was on... This was another camp. It's only... it's only about a mile from Auschwitz.

Birkenau, yeah.

A small woman camp. They used to do mostly cleaning, cleaning for the soldiers that had a camp there too, for the woman soldiers, you know.

Uh-huh. And... and the German woman was in Auschwitz I, in Auschwitz?

Outside Auschwitz.


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