Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Auschwitz--Smuggling in the Camp III

Did you ever talk to him?

All the time, nice guy.

What did...what did you talk to him about?

About the war. He...he used to tell me the...he needed...he even brought me a paper, a German paper one time. You know, he finally...One time, I was making breakfast...I always used to make for the doctors, you know. On a little electric Coleman, you know? Electric stove?

Yeah. A hot plate.

A hot plate, you call it. ??? One time he smelled something. He come up, and he say, "Yeah, looks good." I'd say, "You want something?" Yeah, yeah. He'd say, "Yeah, I can have a couple plates ??? what I have." He... he used to bring it in when I was always smuggling in the camp. Because I used to give like... I used to give him sheets, you know. Sheets, I used to give, you know, the...

How did you get sheets?

I stole it from....We had some sheets.

You organized?

We organized. Everything organized, you know. You got the right work, organize. It was--what did you organize today? Oh, I used to get some suits. I'd find some suits, jackets, pants, good pants. They used to take it out, hide it, you know, when they woke up in the morning. They used to bring in some... some of us... Nice guys, Polacks. They use the to bring us something... I said, they used to dig... dig with their shovel and put it right here. But if they catch... Smuggle through, they killed them. Everything black market.

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