Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Traveling to Nowy Dwor

What do you remember about that?

Well, people dying. No medicine, no food. People just dying like flies. Had no place where to stay, where to live. Yeah, there's one things I forgot important. I went out, I went out from the ghetto after 19...forty-two, you know, it was January and I want to go and see if the train was far, over a quarter of a mile was the station, you know. The train... I used to take the ticket, buy a ticket and going with the train, you know, up to Nowy Dwor, they call it, Nowy Dwor. That's where, that's where the pass was between Polish personnel and, and Third, Third Reich, you know. You have to get through the wall there. So, I'm going out, see, and these three little, little Polish bastards, many seven, eight years old. And they keep howling Jude, Jude on me. Oh, they see me going out the ghetto or something. You know, I couldn't get rid of them, you know. I want to kill them. And that's all I need and I was trying to get a train. I only had a half hour of time. See, everything was timing, you know.

Did you wear an armband?

No. I couldn't wear it outside.

You didn't wear it outside.

I didn't have a choice. I went out from the ghetto, I had to take it off.

But they knew you were a Jew?

Well, they were little bastards. They want money. I give them some money, too. They still didn't shut up. Finally one uh, uh, Polish young woman come down, come down. She was going to take the train too. And she started talking, "Why do you...He's not Jude. He's not Jewish." And she got rid of them, you know. And it happened I wind up going with her together. She was going the same direction, you know.

So, you took the train with the woman?

Yeah, I made the train. She didn't make the train. You, you couldn't get a train until the next day, you know. It was the first train.

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