Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Nowy Dwor

When you got to N...Neustadt, Neustadt? Is that the name of the city?

Nowy Dwor.

Nowy Dwor. When you got there, what did you do?

I just got off the train, just look around all German soldiers. They look everybody in the eyes, you know. They look like they can catch some Jews.

So what did you do?

Well, he looked there, I went here, this way. As I walked, I went out of the station.

But why did you go there?

I had to go back to Mlawa, to my mother who was living there, and my brother and my sister. I had to bring their things, you know, from Warsaw, so they can sell, you know, and have money to live.

So you went to, to Warsaw for the black market?


And would bring things back?

I was going every week, sometimes twice a week. So, let me explain to you, you see. Mlawa was a hundred kilometers from Warsaw and Nowy Dwor was like a, a point where one, one, one side, one side, they give it to Germans and give it to the Polack??? took it and make German, like Mlawa, the whole place. And to get to, over to the, to the side, you know, you have to, at night, you have to get through in a little barge, you know. It was a little boat, you know, the fishers. You pay to get out at night. It's quiet. You couldn't hear. No motor. You got over to the other side. I had to...I walked. I had to walk a whole night, about thirty-five kilometers, until I get another thing, but they was staying all over...the Germans, the Gendarme, the Gendarme soldiers. I don't know if you are familiar with this, with the...

Yeah, these are Wehrmacht soldiers.

Are you born here, Doctor?



But, but they're Wehrmacht soldiers?

Yeah, the Wehrmacht. They were staying all over. They'd watch you and catch you.

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