Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007


Well, this will help, I'm sure. Um...

Not many people now survive. Survive.



Well, they're all um, they were all children during the war. Like you.

Yeah, now seventy, or...

Early, early seventies, yeah.

Yeah, early seventies now. Uh, many, many was before when they were two, three years, they don't, they don't know anything about what happened and uh, I doubt that they survive.

No, and they haven't talked at all until now.

They know what talk about because two, three years...

Well, they all thought...

...five years.

...if they weren't in a camp, they, they didn't consider themselves survivors.

Right, yes.

And that's, that's ridiculous, so.

But I was in age very, you know uh, it's, it's my choice here talk about. It was so remember everything.

Well, it's hard to talk about to begin with.

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