Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007


I remember. I remember when German came, you know, before, before German came and before I was sent to kindergarten, in Minsk it was open, open big lake. Its name comes from ??? lake. You know what is ???

Well, it's on the map. I know it's... I know where it is.

It's ???

Oh ???


Yeah, sure I know.

So, it was ??? lake. Big lake, nice lake, and city it was like big celebration and all people, all people very, very friendly to each other. It was before war. It's maybe June, before July. It was open, nice lake and I remember--personally I remember--my uncle, uncle went over and put me on him and take me in lake. I was so happy and I said, "???" I say. It was so good and everybody jump and play. It was nice summer. Swim and nice and people was so happy. Nobody predict what happen months later. Nobody. And that stay in my places ??? picture, take pictures, it was beautiful. You, you cannot believe how good here great city, great, great community--Jewish community--in Minsk with no war.

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