Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007

Life in America

Well, here's... Let me turn this off.

Maybe not good what I talk.

It was... It was excellent. Um, if I can arrange it at school, maybe we can do a videotape of the same. If you're willing to do that.

Whatever you suggest, I will do because I have select time of that memory and I would like to, you know, concentrate. And I will... I tell you too, you know, when I came in America I was fifty-two years and I start working. This enough?


Good. And then I understand in America it's very important age to work. And I afraid if I will tell my age uh, I will lose my, my job because fifty-two it's not good for looking for a job. With my bad English and everything. So, I never tell, tell my age, never because I afraid to lose my job and because nobody ask my age and I not look like, you know, my age, so I, I still working now. Even now. And I'm a chemist. And I still working because with my English, with my, you know, situation, we need... We have very, very limited savings, but it's enough, it's enough now and my husband retired this year and I... I'm going to retire, but they still accept me, you know, and that's why also it's reason why I silent. I don't want people here to know how I am old, you know. And that foolish, that very foolish also. Yeah, you know, but after now, when I opened everything, I will not hide, you know. It no, no make sense. I want the people know and terrible when Arabs say that it was myth, I want to kill them myself, my hands, you know.


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