Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007

Mutual Acquaintances

These are wonderful pictures.

Yeah, pictures white and... white and black, you know. Other is American... was American people. Maybe you know this people. Maybe you know Jack Mandeburg?

Sure I do.


I've known him for years.

Jack and...

Jack died.

...and Helen and Laura. Laura ??? That our relatives.

The Mandeburgs?

Yeah. Her, her mother and my grandfather ??? Brother.

Her mother and your grandfather?

Her mother and my grandfather sister and brother.


And we were so uh, friendly until they died last year. She died.

She also died, yeah.

Oh, you know them.

Oh yeah, we've known them for ???

Do you know, you know uh, Lucy? Lucy, her sister?

Actually I don't know Lucy.

Lucy. She... This is David Sole. David Sole and Bill Sole. We don't know them. Another picture of David. Many people I don't know them ??? I don't know them ???

What's his name?

She gave me before died and I don't know. This is, this is Sole, I don't know. I remember ???

Arbeter Ring. Workman's Circle.

What this means?

Workman's Circle is same people belong to ??? as belong to Workman's Circle.

Yeah, and they, they, they invited many parents. It was wonderful, wonderful. He was so smart, Jack. He was so...

Oh, I know. I know.

So interesting person ??? I'm glad you know him and her.

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