Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007

Sharing Photographs 2

The sons also?

His sons, yes, his sons. David. And he was very brave. Look like my father. This is my granddad. This is Isaac. Isaac, small Isaac, who was killed in...

Uh-huh. The baby.

The baby, yeah ??? This is David's... This is, this is sister, my, my father's sister Hannah. Sister and brother. That I make copies for, for Washington. Give my father. Father when he was up north. I can't find uh, that Isaac other. And this is my mom. My mom. Young Mom. And this is my brother and father before, before I was born. My mother and my Gresha. And this is me before war, that was three years old.

Oh my.

Yeah. Three years. That was my mother. This is the ??? my, my parents. And my father died in Rome when we immigrate... On way immigrate from Russia to here, he could not, you know, survive.

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