Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007

Sharing Photographs

I can show you me before war, if you want.

Yes, I would like...

Before war and my brother... My image is not good, you know, and I feel so terrible that, that my, my parent... grandparents were killed in Minsk, were killed in ghetto. Uh, here... Yeah, they're grandparents, my mother's parents.

Is there a date?

??? it's wedding.

But do you know what, what year it was?

You know, I, I don't know, but I can find it. We were all of fifty. All of fifty very, very young. Now take a look my brother. He was thirteen. Uh, here it was tie, red tie, red tie ??? And, you know, we... Original card--this is copy--original small--it was small, but we keep it--make a big, a big movie star in uh, and he was dissident in north ??? picture. This is, this is people near our house and they was my older uncle, this is my youngest aunt, and this ??? this neighbor. They're all killed and this is my, my father's brother David. He was killed and he has two sons killed in ghetto.

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