Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007

Holocaust Films

Uh, you see Pianist?


It was very pain for me to see it.

For you to watch it?

Oh, I cannot... And another those movie, movie about Polish camp, camp, I cry and I say, "No more. I will not go."

Schindler's List?

Yes. No, no, no I avoid this movie. I could not do that. Before it was in Russian language and uh, I, I could not... It was terrible. When, you know, when German in barrack--you know what barrack? Where people live--German say dance to woman people, dance uh, it's very, very uh, holiday dancing, you know ??? or something like that and they still shoot dancing first and somebody, somebody accomp... uh, accom...


Accompany music...


...you know. And they laugh--Gestapo--and they laugh and five or six woman should, should dance it, you know, they were slave. They, they should listen them, you know, and they dance it and Gestapo and soldiers--Germans--laughed. It was terrible, terrible, you know, and other things, other, other. It was terrible. So I cannot, still not, I cannot, you know, look like that.

But your children and your grandchildren you've talked to. Or your granddaughter.

Now, now I start. Now. I sent to him, this... Look at this. This is uh, article where I have same, same interview with Russian journalist and he tell this story in Russian and I sent to my son and that all the story about me.

This is about you.

Yeah, about me. About me. And this is uh, picture that he took it from ??? I sent, I sent information uh, to Washington.

To the museum in Washington?

Yeah, and...

Yeah, we, we send them copies of everything we have.

Mm-hm, mm-hm.

So, they... They'll get your interview.

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