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Esther Lupian - 2007


And grandchildren?


How many grandchildren?

With him, seven. With him. I have two. My, my daughter has son. He's twenty years old and he's in yeshiva. He's in yeshiva now in Europe and he's going in ??? next year. Next year and he ??? very deeply. And he said, "Why people don't understand Torah? Judaism. This is the best religion." He said. So, he is very, very deeply religious, my grandson. He's smart, he's good. And another is one-year-old, one half years, my son. And he grew here, I gave him first yammukah ??? And my son says, "We will keep it all life." This is first yammukah, his. So, it's something, you know, something from gene? Gene... genetics.


Genetic from my brother definitely, but son is, son know that he is Jewish, but he might... It's ??? I'm sorry. It's my fault again. I should talk more.

But they're still raising their children as Jews.

Like Jews, yeah. They say that, they believe that. But my daughter said this is not...



I mean, you and I would...


...would be excluded from this, I think.

Right, but I say my daughter, "Marina, this is new world, this is not uh, mil... uh, middle century. We cannot do what you want. Cha... change uh, everything change. Wor... World change uh, progressive goes. We cannot stay like 2,000 year ago."


No. She's... Now, my husband went uh, he met them from airport and they came from Israel. They so happy.

And you've been to Israel.

We came two uh, months ago. We were ??? and they came... And they later. She has very religious husband, you know. Okay. If they happy, happy, but I don't want, I don't want another, you know, or like, like people made with ??? or Russians, I don't know. I don't... I, I am happy now. It's different world.

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