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Esther Lupian - 2007

Raising Her Children 2

So, she, she was a good student in group that was uh, high mathematician. So, she graduate very well, but they don't allow her good, good work. It was another story. But when she came here and she has a son--small son, two years--and son go in yeshiva to, to, for beginning, for school...


Elementary school, yes. And they so kind and they warm him and they grace him and they... Everything was fine. And she says, "Mom, they want me also go uh, to learn because he cannot learn without help." And I said, "Okay, whatever you want." So, so after that...

Where, where does she live?

She lives in Oak Park.


Yeah. So, she... Then, she says, "Mom, I... So many years I've waste for ??? I waste in Judaism Torah. That's what I need, that's what I want, that's what true." And, you know, she's so, so good with that. People love her now. And my son, my son is different, you know. My son, he get married um, American girl but she converted to Jew and he wears yamukkah and everything. They go to... They keep Shabbath, they...

So, he's also Orthodox.

She's not Orthodox. She's uh, she's...


...conservative. Something's not there and something easier. Easier. That... So, they keep up the tradition and, and they have sons. It's different, you know, different world now in America. And my husband has two sons and I have two and he has two. Uh, very different.

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