Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007

Remembering Experiences

You didn't talk about it, but, but you thought about it a lot.

Oh, yeah. I thought...

All the time.

...a lot. My...


Still, yes. I never want Mom touch about that, never. And, and uh, if she feel the different like me, differently, and she told me... tell me what happened, you know, it would be much better for both of us. But when she start... I never see man who cry. Only my father, you know. When my mom tell him about the, about son Gresha, he so... Terrible how he cry and he was very brave man, my father. He cried. So, mom understand better not touch this, never. He has... He suffering and she has big suffering, you know. So, beside... To, to be more, you know, better for life, better live, better not touch memory. And this was not right, now I understand.

What do you think about...

You have to talk.

What do you think about when you eat borsht? Or herring?

I was happy with my life. I was so happy, you know. Borsht ??? after hungry, you know.

So, when you, when you have borsht, are you back there again?

To these people?

Does your mind go back to that experience of having eaten the borsht and...

We like borsht all our life now. Yeah, but people were kind. People were kind, they give us a hand. That was, that was different and many people gave us a hand and to help each other. Uh, but mostly, mostly Jew help each other because everybody was isolated and hate killing so stable from other ??? And it's pain, painful.

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