Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007

Jewish Cookbook

So now, when I was in country van, it was sitting two man and woman, if you know, and they say, "Could you participate in uh, in our program? In this cooking book?" I say, "Yes." I didn't know what they want. "Yes," I say, "I, I would like." And they say, "Okay." They wrote my address, they wrote everything and they sent me in mail and they say, "It would be good if you will give us three, three recipes from your, from your before war family." And I said, "Okay, I remember uh, I remember two ??? latkes. I remember what, what my family did." "And it would be good if you write small story--story about you--and we will print every, every author. We'll, we'll conduct it with picture and with story." So, I wrote her story--small story--and she says, "How you survive in this, in this situation?" And after that, I, I should explain her how I survive and that now it comes much older story how I survive. And I sent her, I sent her this picture from... picture that uh, uh, doctor, doctor Charles know my picture.


Charlie, yes. And I sent to him this picture and after that I wrote this, this, my story, you know, story and this is first time from my life when I talk from my heart what happened. It was very, very difficult, you know.

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