Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007

Liquidation of Ghetto

And now I can explain you how I survive with my mom.

Tell me.

Uh, when, when, when we look all our, our loved... Love people.

Loved ones.

Loved ones. When we look and I think there was only ??? they friends. Um, it was 1943, it was, uh... And now by Germans, everybody from house supposed to go in column to train station. Everybody. No food. So, everybody go to train station and by column. It was so crowded, so noisy, and so many crying and so, so uh, everybody understand this is end. That was end. So, I see it was truck, truck on road--many trucks--and they sent by portion, people. People stayed in line. Uh, you could not forget it, it was... Uh, they stayed in line and then regardless all people, children and they sent in trucks, just run away, next truck. So, my mom look at around and she say, and she say, "This is end. I don't have anybody. I lost what, every... everybody." And she take my hand and she go to uh, to door, door--kitchen door--she knows where kitchen door. Take me in kitchen uh, in the kitchen and kitchen has another door inside. That's two doors outside and inside. And one kitchen goes through um, to rail, to railroad. Another door. So, she took me and all Germans were busy with, you know, with their business, you know.

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