Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007


So, people were being shot on a regular bas... every day ???

Every day like a ??? Like, like go on plaza uh, on plaza. They hang people, you know, and people start to sick? Be sick. These uh, it was anti-Semiti and condition...


Typhus. And I remember uh, me and Mom we were sick with typhus. So, that time my brother and other could help, they bring medicine from wood, from villages somehow. So, we survive. I definitely I survive many, many times with the Gestapo when he want kill me and when I with typhus, sick with typhus, and I lost weight, so I don't know how come, but I always say, "Mom, why I survive? Not Gresha? Better it would Gresha survive."

And what did she say to you? When you would say that to her.

Don't say that. When Mom, Mom find my father and she told him all stories. She never told me, she never talk to me about the war. We never discuss and we never want to discuss because we were, we were wounded inside, war. And I never ask Mom and believe me, I never talk about before this conference. I never talk to my friends, to my relatives, all my life I avoid this topic because it comes to me tears and, you know, it's difficult to explain that and that was probably not wrong, but you never could... I never can see movies about war and I, I still sick with it. I still uh, it's very difficult and all my friends here and all my people, they don't know all true.

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