Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007

Deportation of Brother

So uh, in, in, when, when time goes, they forbid you to go to this mom to work uh, Gestapo. They forbid. So uh, I don't want to stay, so woman, woman with small child young uh, like me, they decide go tied, tied in rope and they wear long, long skirts, so they hide us under skirts and they understand why we want to go with mom. So, we go ??? Step-by-step, this.


Yeah, and uh, German could not see us. So, I... And then we came to the place, to this place--working place--we hide somewhere, you know, in bushes, whatever, until day until mom take us back. But one time, one time, somebody says, "Bella, your Gresha in Gestapo." My brother. When he tried to go over, over wire, barbed wire, go under, you know, somebody saw him and admittedly he tell about him in Gestapo, so they catch him and next day, next day, they put him on truck where other people were, other people and they sent him. And somebody says, " Go... Bella, go to see your son. He's on truck." So, she took a piece of soap, something uh, towel and bread and he... and she, she run to him. And he said, "Mom, don't cry. I will back to you. I will return." This was last time when she saw him. She never, never see him. After war, she try to, try Red Cross or any organization... any other organization. We lost trace. We never know what happened with him. He was small, thirteen years and, and other people were adult?


Adult years. Maybe from ??? Maybe from where, we don't know. So, we looked and yeah.

So... [interruption in interview]

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