Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007

Collaborators 2

So, many people were sent, but what I know my mom have friends, Belorussian friends, Russian friends...

They didn't help.

When my father was uh, was in prison, many people said she's, she's enemy's wife. Enemy's wife and they afraid to help her. So, my elder, elder uncle Yuri uh, elder, older, he bring her potatoes, milk something because I was only three weeks, year uh, three weeks ??? I was only three old, old and he jump... he brought it through window, window, food, some food and run away. He afraid also, to talk to her. So, it's not because Jew or Jew or other nation. They afraid Stalin, they afraid KGB and after that, they afraid, you know...


Gestapo, yeah. Oh, Gestapo, it was, it was the worst. Gestapo and Stalin.

Not a good choice.

Yeah. He, he killed everybody same.

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