Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Edward Linson - November 10, 1981


So we came to the camp and three days later the SS is goodbye. No more SS. A few old guys and they took us and I got to carry the, the gun, honest to God. The SS--an old man from--and they wore uh, some, some uniforms--red ones. I first in my life saw this. And he give me the, the rucksack--they, they call 'em rucksack--and was a bread. And meantime I took away the bread and I ate it up in five second. Was no more bread. So I took and I got the gu...the, the big, big machine gun and I hold it. So it hardly work. So we came to a place, we sit down. It was over there a, a, also a ???. There was over there English soldiers and they saw us, they start giving us uh, we didn't went in, just outside and they give us uh, some food. And this guy--I was so hungry he took us--he took away. And I was so angry I, I, I insulted him, honest to God. So what happen, we came to the camp in Magdeburg. And, and they, they disappeared. After awhile the, the few old, the few old scheisters they want a few guys to help 'em uh, push the wagons. There was a few, a few boys and they, they want to go. Was a--and I says, "??? don't go, they will kill." This was what I was saying. Before they, they left they didn't have no more way to go, so they, they turn the, the guns and they kill off the, the--about thirty guys. You, you, you call off this guy.

What happened? You said you met somebody from the British there...

Yeah. In this, in...

...as a prisoner.

They was PO's. PWO's.

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