Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Edward Linson - November 10, 1981

Hitler Visits Magdeburg

Mm-hm. Can I ask you, when--you said you worked in Weimar, were--did the citizens in Weimar--not, not the army--did they see you working there?

Let me tell you what happened, in Weimar--Magdeburg, this was Magdeburg ??? this ammunition factory. Naturally they didn't, they didn't give us to the, to the to work for the, for the, for the ammunition. So what happened? We were--they was building some kind of a, a--I don't know, in Europe there's a style. You have a garage--it's a hole to fix the car to go down. There was a, a picture. With one time they come us and we got a, a shovels. Hitler was coming into Magdeburg. And everybody got to lay down with the coat. The ??? the coat there with the ???. You got to lay down. He took away the shovels and the side and after an hour they, they release us. ???.

But the Germans saw you. They knew you were there.


They knew. How much did you weigh then?

I'll tell you the truth Beiner--bones. Who got over there a, a, a scale?

Did you know approximately?

Approximately maybe seventy pounds. In, in Magdeburg we had been working here by the station in the other side from the street. I don't know how it was over there uh, coffee, chocolate stores, burned down. So I was a good organizer. I, I got always I--where I can steal and take--organize--so I found a basement with a few guys and they hold me in case I got to go. And an older SS man, what I am saying, this was not ???. So he says to me, "???" "You want to run away?" So I went a few with him--we rode.

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