Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Edward Linson - November 10, 1981

Work in Magdeburg

And they, they shipped you by train. Did you ever work in Weimar? Did you ever go into...

Yes, that's what I'm saying, Weimar. Yes, I was working Weimar. We, we, we had been uh, going to Czechoslovakia one time with the train and all of a sudden the English--middle of the day, "Veee, boom, boom, boom." They killed about twelve hundred people that time. The train was going on through a big thing. I don't know how--and uh, and the near me was sitting a guy, he says, "Come on here," he was over there, "Come here." And I says, "???" and he got here a shrapnel--a piece, and the, the SS man--an old man--he got. So they took us to uh, Magdeburg. In Magdeburg you wouldn't believe it. They took us to clear the bricks by the train, by the station honestly.

From the bombing?


There were bricks all over from, from bombing?

Yes, and we, we did it. So, so this is a characteristic thing. We cleaned the bricks and, and we ???, you know, we clean. We got hammer special and a, a woman went through and she give me a paper, "Alle ist vorbei." "Everything is over, the Americans are in..." and from a little bit--about three, four hundred feet was going a guy here. Not, not an SS man, a--from the Wehrmacht. ??? I, I throwed him the, the brick and I, I know they will not--I pushed the brick over, you know, in the middle. This was one piece paper. And uh, ??? and the woman...

The woman gave you a ???

Yeah. The woman was a person, she was uh, selling papers, like here, and she give me. So this a characteristic thing, I will explain you what happened.

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