Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Edward Linson - November 10, 1981

Being Ill in Camp

Can I ask you about--you said you, you were a part of the medical experiments.


How did that happen?

They took you, they, they put your name--your number--a name--they put your name you got to go to the--they call 'em over there uh, Krankenhaus. Haus is buil...




Kranken...uh, it's uh, like, like a, a little...


Infirmary, yes.

Just, they just picked your number and...

That's it, you got to go.

And then what happened?

Then what happened? I was uh, lay down over there and they was uh, performing what they want.

Were you in the hospital after that? Did they then put you in a hospital?

No, no, no. I was a few days over there.

Do you know what they did?

Uh, I don't want to know what they did. I am not interested.

Did you go back to work right away?

After, after a few days, yes.

Do you remember when that was?

I cannot tell you.

Nineteen forty-four, '43?

It's something like this. Date--we didn't know date, just a crazy this uh, this uh, uh, what his name? Primo Levi. Maybe he knows because he got--like I said, he was not a--he, he didn't smell, he just got a few months. What do you think he was uh, maybe ten years over there?

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