Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Edward Linson - November 10, 1981

Warsaw Underground

You got to talk to me a little bit louder because I...I'm hard of hearing on the, on the, on the right.

Were the underground people um, were they at Majdanek too?

In Majdanek we had a, a few, yes, a few yes, yes. And this was the people what they have been conscious, conscious minded. Ninety-nine percent from the, from the Pole they, they have been anti-Semitic. Ninety...ninety-nine percent.

Now how did these two that you knew, the um, the name--his name was ???, is that...

??? and ???. You know ??? is also ???.

Um, what--during the ghetto, what, what did they do during the ghetto days?

This was people what they--let's say you have a store. In Warsaw was a, a--you have a wholesale store and uh, you got merchandise coming and they have been standing and they, they took down the merchandise from your store and this was--they call 'em ???. And they was doing this and this was like a--let's say like uh, I would say like here the underworld.

Black market?

Yeah, so you hadn't got a choice. You wouldn't, you wouldn't touch with them. You wouldn't fight with them. So they took--and they are the, the strongest people. They are very--they didn't go with guns, just they, they could give you over the head.

Did they survive the camps?

No, no, as a matter of fact no. No, I knew a, a...about twelve of them. No, I survived.

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