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Edward Linson - November 10, 1981

Resistance in Auschwitz

He came as Italian, they came late. Sure. When um, was there any underground in Auschwitz?

In Auschwitz, yes, yes.

Were they planning some sort of revolt, do, do you know?

Yes, they, they was, uh, it's a few guys. As a matter of fact I got a book about it. Yes.

Did you ever hear about it?

To tell you the truth, I was uh, with a few highly educated uh, German Jews. For instance, this guy with a name--he is from Breslau uh, ???. Uh, Hans ???. And I had been with--if you, if you heard the, the name Norbert Wollheim.


I was sleeping and he was up and I was down. In the same block, in the same, in the same place. Norbert Wollheim.

So they were not involved in the, in this, in any kind of...

No, they--this uh, this uh, German that the name uh, Hans, Hans ???, maybe he knew because he was uh, after the war he was ??? president. From Mecklenburg ???.

A German Jew went back an became...

And I got news for you, I took him out and he don't know it.

How did that happen?

Not from the camp. The Germans. They, they, they got something, they, they say they were saying he was uh, collaborating with the Germans, with the SS because he was working in the--in this ???, you know. You have to put up the names and all this, uh. So they put him in jail. And I come in, you see, this little man when he took 'em out and they don't know about it. Putting the Russians on.

The other man, did he sur....did Wollheim survive?

Yes, Wollheim is in New York.

Do you correspond with him.

Yes--not, not--I send him a card. He, he is a nice man. The wife recently died.

He has a son, right?

Yes, he has a son and he has a daughter here.

Let me, let me um...

The daughter she is a--she's working in uh, in some magazine. In Newsweek, yes.

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