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Helen Lang - February 23, 1982

Meeting SS Woman in DP Camp

The same group.

The same group--the doctors--there were a few doctors, and the rest of the guys, you know, were still there. And we were going--we were socializing with them already. Why do you think one day, who do we see? Macha in Lübeck. She says, "How about you girls don't go home and we could stay together." And we said, "Oh no." So she says, "Where are you going? What you doing?" So we told her that here with these people--with those doctors and they're there and there. In the meantime, we went to report her--there was the English government there in Lübeck. They didn't do a goddamn thing. We told her what she was doing, how she was doing to those girls--twenty-five, she slapped 'em on the, you know. And uh, they didn't do anything. In the meantime she was looking for us--we didn't tell her where we live. She went to these people--to those Germans and told them who we are. One day we went to visit them and they told us. They said, "Well, what you did with us--you didn't tell us the truth that you were Jewish." I said--so we said, "Why we wouldn't tell you that we are Jews, won't you go report us to the SS? Won't you do that?" They says, "Well, I'll give you--I'll have to give you credit--the way you were behaving yourself that you could persuade us and believe that you are Hungarians." I says, "We want to survive, we had to do it." Well--they become there after that friends like. He says, "Look I, I, really--it's amazing, it just wonderful. I don't think we would report you." You know, whatever they said after. But I wouldn't take the chances. So...

Did you go back to Munkacs?


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