Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Helen Lang - February 23, 1982

Inspiration in Camp

Never went back. You went--now...

That's why I said that I heard that guy was there and, uh...

I see.

...looking for me and I, I--not that I would have thinking seriously with him. To me it was like a little inspiration. You know, I was a young girl, you know, something to look forward to--not to have that life, you know, that monotony life, that who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll be killed. You know, we all had this on our minds. Maybe someday they're going to get a, a, a, a thing that, you know, what do we need her? Why should we feed them? Kill all of us, that's all. So this way it had something, you know, a little bit of inspiration. But I would never think about it, you know, serious because uh, you know, he was nice.

How did you come to the United States?

To United States--well, with an affidavit. I had an aunt and uh, in the mountains--the New York mountains so she sent us an affidavit, that's how we came.

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